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Navigating the Chaos with Rachel Fletcher | Now Episode

October 26, 2022 Let Her Speak Season 1 Episode 5
She Speaks | A Let Her Speak Podcast
Navigating the Chaos with Rachel Fletcher | Now Episode
Show Notes

In our last episode, we had the opportunity to learn about Rachel Fletcher, Owner of Knox Upholstery, and how she found herself in the highly skilled and labor-intensive world of upholstery. But what has happened in Rachel's life since that interview?

The answer is a whirlwind of chaos and change. Since 2020, Rachel's life has undergone not only the massive growth of her business but also a complete reinvention in her personal life. From an explosion of new clients to filing for divorce & moving to a new home to forming a new business partnership - Rachel has certainly navigated a chaotic couple of years by taking it day-by-day.

Listen to her story of introspection, growth, and exploring this new phase of her life as we commemorate the journey Rachel has been on for the last 2 years.

And if you are looking around your home and realizing your furniture could use some revitalization - Rachel is now taking projects for 2023 (limited spots available)!

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