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Knowing My Worth with Jasmine Newton | Then Episode

November 02, 2022 Let Her Speak Season 1 Episode 6
She Speaks | A Let Her Speak Podcast
Knowing My Worth with Jasmine Newton | Then Episode
Show Notes

In April 2021, Catherine Porth sat down with Jasmine Newton - a dear friend and the amazingly talented photographer behind Javon Renee Portraits. In the midst of a pandemic, Jasmine found herself with a business that was BOOMING. Everyone seemed to be ready to invest in new portraits and headshots for themselves.

At the time of this recording, we were releasing interviews on our YouTube Channel - but we intentionally held back this episode. You see, not long after this conversation, Jasmine went through one of the most difficult periods for her and her business. While the whole world saw a successful woman with a growing business - Jasmine was struggling behind the scenes with burnout and her mental health.

In 2022, Jasmine found herself ready to re-emerge - filled with more determination and creative ideas than ever before. You'll be able to hear all about her personal journey in the next episode, but to understand how far Jasmine has come - it's important to first learn where she's been.

Listen to her story of how she created an opportunity for herself out of getting let go from a corporate job and how she embraced who she truly was and her true worth.

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