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Seeing Your Own Beauty with Saray Taylor-Roman | Then Episode

November 23, 2022 Let Her Speak Season 1 Episode 9
She Speaks | A Let Her Speak Podcast
Seeing Your Own Beauty with Saray Taylor-Roman | Then Episode
Show Notes

In April 2021, Catherine Porth sat down with Saray Taylor-Roman - a phenomenal portrait photographer and the owner of Taylor-Roman Portraits. While from the gorgeous photos Saray takes you'd think she always knew she was going to become a photographer - she actually started out as a Spanish teacher who hated having her own photo taken.

Saray's own entrepreneurial journey started out as a hobby and a desire to change her career path. Through planning, mentorship, and drive - Saray took her love of photography and turned it into more than just a career. In her interview, she talks about why she chose to specialize in portrait photography as a personal mission to help others see their own beauty, especially those who don't think they're "photogenic".

In 2022, Saray found herself asking what comes next as the owner of a portrait studio with international praise. You'll be able to hear all about Saray's new endeavor in the next episode, but to understand how far she has come - it's important to first learn where she's been.

Listen to her story of finding her purpose, pursuing her dreams, and encouraging everyone, especially mothers, to step in front of the camera.

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