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Owning Our Sexuality with Shannon Hamaker | Then Episode

January 11, 2023 Let Her Speak Season 1 Episode 16
She Speaks | A Let Her Speak Podcast
Owning Our Sexuality with Shannon Hamaker | Then Episode
Show Notes

In September 2020, Catherine Porth sat down (virtually) with Sexual Health Educator (& sexual awakening advocate), Shannon Hamaker, to have a conversation about women's sexual health. A topic that many of us need to be talking about more but might be too ashamed to bring up. In their conversation, they cover all the things many of us often wonder about in our own sexuality and desires but may not feel comfortable enough to talk about out loud.

To any woman who feels shame talking about pleasure - Shannon is here to help you in that journey. Listen to her story of how she found her calling for empowering women to step confidently into their own sexuality and educate them on the many benefits our sex life has for our health - both mentally and physically.

In the 2+ years since we recorded this interview with Shannon, A LOT has changed in her life including many trials and tribulations both personally and professionally. We will dive more into that story next week when we catch back up with Shannon, but to understand how far she has come - we must first learn where she's been.

Thank you, Shannon, for your honesty, openness, and care for helping more women understand and connect with their own sexual health!

Check out these resources mentioned during the Interview:
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"Come As You Are" by Emily Nagoski
Sexual Personality Test

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