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Dreaming Big with Berta Medina | Then Episode

January 25, 2023 Let Her Speak Season 1 Episode 18
She Speaks | A Let Her Speak Podcast
Dreaming Big with Berta Medina | Then Episode
Show Notes

In September 2020,  Catherine Porth sat down (virtually) with past Women's Summit Storyteller and dear friend, Berta Medina - Founder of Dreamers Succeed and the coach we all need in our lives. Any time spent with Berta is sure to be filled with laughter, motivation, support, and hugs. You also need to be careful about telling your dreams and passions to Berta because she will hold you accountable to go after them.

Berta's story is truly inspiring and the way she lives her life is a constant reminder that age should never be a barrier to doing and being exactly what you want. Not only is Berta an incredible coach to dreamers and entrepreneurs everywhere, but she also has the most giving (and adventure-seeking) heart. Listen to her story of how she followed her purpose to become a professional coach and her vision of the legacy she wants to leave (it's AMAZING).

In the 2+ years since we recorded this interview with Berta, A LOT has changed in her life including the end of a long marriage, a move to a new state, and a transformation into being her full self. We will dive more into that story next week when we catch back up with Berta, but to understand how far she has come - we must first learn where she's been.

Thank you, Berta, for not only being an incredible friend and supporter but for all you give to inspire others to pursue their dreams!

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