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The Found Project | Halee Sprinkle

March 24, 2023 Let Her Speak
She Speaks | A Let Her Speak Podcast
The Found Project | Halee Sprinkle
Show Notes

Skills and crafts passed down from generation to generation is something many of us value because it makes us feel close to loved ones — especially when they are no longer with us.

Can you remember watching your grandmother or aunt making something with their hands? As we mentioned in a previous post, sometimes DOING something is more relaxing for us than NOT doing.

Growing up in a full house, Halee Sprinkle fondly remembers her creativity space set up with a sewing machine, bedazzling tools, and crafting supplies. This was a space just for her to escape and this is where she stills feels found — crafting and creating.

Halee shares “When I don’t rest, my sparkle will dull — and I’m really big on not letting anything dull my sparkle. But when I’m resting, and creating — just really letting my brain have fun — my sparkle is at it’s shiniest. I’ll be smiling even if no one else is in the room watching me.”

For anyone who as ever met Halee, you likely have seen her in hot pinks, sparkles, and Lisa Frank-inspired colors. Without a doubt, she embodies what it means to "sparkle".

To get the complete Found Project experience, visit The Found Project Gallery to view each woman's portrait and listen to her interview.

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