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The Found Project | Jaleria Rivera

March 24, 2023 Let Her Speak
She Speaks | A Let Her Speak Podcast
The Found Project | Jaleria Rivera
Show Notes

Chances are if you grew up as the eldest sibling in a large household, the idea of rest is something that you aren’t too familiar with. Oftentimes when you’re the older sibling, your childhood includes caring for and watching over younger brothers and sisters.

This was the reality for Jaleria Rivera who just recently discovered she felt found through dance.

Jaleria always enjoyed dancing and movement growing up and into adulthood, but didn’t have time to explore her passion for it until the pandemic hit. It was early in lockdown that her long “watch list” of dance videos finally became a part of her restful routine.

She shares: “Everyone you adore as an artist started in the same place as you — a complete beginner and admirer. So I just started doing the practice, and it started to cultivate into that rest. To me, rest is joy and flow. And I find that when I dance.”

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