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The Found Project | Jordan Morgan

March 24, 2023 Let Her Speak
She Speaks | A Let Her Speak Podcast
The Found Project | Jordan Morgan
Show Notes

Rest can be a hard thing to prioritize when we are tuned in to the preachings of hustle culture — because if you’re not working, what are you doing?

This mentality is common among women, especially those who are juggling running a business, raising a family, and/or managing a household. But Jordan Morgan discovered that she felt found through yoga after only seeing it as another form of work for many years.

Always on the go growing up, Jordan’s mindset was that rest felt like the opposite of productivity. Her first introduction to yoga was as a form of exercise — hot yoga and power yoga in particular.

She eventually came back to her yoga practice after she got married and started a family, as a way to take time for herself away from the demands of being a mother and caregiver. But now, it was no longer about pushing her body. It was about taking the time to slow things down.

She says “I took a different path when I rediscovered yoga. I’m not in a hurry anymore. I need space to slow down, space to sit, space to breathe. Yoga calms your mind, and it softens your heart.”

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