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The Found Project | Sarah Schortz

March 24, 2023 Let Her Speak
She Speaks | A Let Her Speak Podcast
The Found Project | Sarah Schortz
Show Notes

If you've been listening to other women's interviews from The Found Project, you may have noticed a theme — many of the featured women have found rest when they are doing something outside.

But what about doing “nothing” outside? When we say nothing, we mean going out into nature with no goal or expectations in mind… just being.

That idea may be hard for some to imagine, but for Sarah Schortz spending time in nature and moving slowly is where she feels most found.

Growing up, Sarah found herself escaping in nature - slowly exploring, wandering, or sitting near water. She was never taught how to rest, but she naturally found herself drawn to these quiet moments.

Even now as an adult, Sarah makes sure to take the time everyday to find little moments where she can slowly wander around her wilderness property that she calls home. Today, Sarah integrates Forrest Bathing — an ancient form of physiological exercise — in her professional life.

Sarah says “In nature I always felt very held and safe and loved, and it was a place where all of my curiosities felt welcomed, cultivated, fostered and safe. And that’s still what I love about it. Being in nature, it’s a place I can just be, with my guard down.”

To get the complete Found Project experience, visit The Found Project Gallery to view each woman's portrait and listen to her interview.

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